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Has booked another honeymoon, this time to beautiful Antigua for Keith and Lindsey, pictures of the honeymoon to follow where they will snorkel, dine by the see and deep sea fish.

Ryan and Kayla booked a Mexico honeymoon with KRS Connections Travel, pictures of things they did are coming in soon.

Where will Tom and Anna go?
A tropical island hut in the crystal clear blue water, float down a famous river, view art in a museums, stand at the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the Roman ruins , visit with the KOALA bears, sit on the rim, or tour wine country only KRS Connections Travel will know for sure!
Whatever they choose will make memories that will last a life time!!
Come back for details as the plan comes together
Thank you for booking our honeymoon cruise on Carnival Paradise.
We were able to enjoy snorkeling in the Cayman islands and exploring the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico. ~Mr. & Mrs. Cook
We toured the Mayan Ruins on your honeymoon
Mayan Ruins more from our tour on our honeymoon
Mayan Ruins on your honeymoon
Snorling in Grand Cayman 3
Snorling in Grand Caymen 2
Snorling in Grand Caymen